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The below treatments will be available to you when you make your Sauna booking.
(Please note, they are not available for our Express slots)

If you would like to add a treatment to an existing booking please go to your account and add them there.

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Body Care Platter

Exfoliate, smooth and soften with our body care platter of natural spa treatments. Rhassoul detoxifying clay mask, salt scrub infused with essential oils and a nourishing hair mask.


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DIY Aufguss & aromatherapy oils

3 lovely balls of ice, infused with aromatherapy oils, to sizzle on the rocks. Creating deliciously scented steam, a real treat for the senses. Chat to our team on the beach when you arrive about options for your oils.

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Hair Mask

A gorgeous, natural mask to moisturise and nourish your hair during your sauna session. Rinse off in our freshwater showers, or leave on as you head home, for a deeper conditioning.


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Organic Clay Face Mask

Our Rhassoul clay or Morrocan lava clay face mask is a centuries-old proven recipe from the Atlas Mountains and is a hamam standard for washing the body. The fine grain and the high concentrations of silicon, magnesium and potassium cleanse and nourish the skin at the same time. Apply in the sauna and allow to dry in the heat. Wash off with the flannel and warm water provided.



Private Sauna Master

Your private Sauna Master will lead guided sauna sessions with mini Aufguss rituals (manipulating the steam and aromatherapy oils) along with Leaf Whisking – this is great fun, and also a really lovely, thermal heat massage.

Available with private Sauna hire only for a 90 minute session, max group size of 12.
Email us to enquire.


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Salt Scrub

Exfoliating and smoothing homemade salt scrub using soft but strong Baltic Sea Salt with absolutely no additives, crumbled together with organic essential oils, honey and petals and served to your sauna with a topping of aloe vera gel to combine the product and apply to your heated skin while you sauna. Choose your preferred properties from our daily changing menu on the day.


Heat and massage leaf whisk

Thermal Massage Leaf Whisks

Our whisks are traditionally handmade in the Baltics and are the essential authentic sauna accessory. They’re called ‘Venik’ in Russian, which means broom. In Finland, they are called ‘Vasta’ or ‘Vihta’. We soak them in lukewarm water to release their properties, so they can then spread their delicious aroma in the sauna and be used to slap and stimulate your skin and that of your sauna companions. They bring more direct heat into the body so you can target your aches and pains or just give them a huge comforting hug! The soaking water also has a positive effect on the skin so feel free to splash it over your body. Our hosts will be only too pleased to show you how to use them. Take them home and use as a decoration or bring them to reuse at your next visit.

  • relieves stress, tight muscles, and painful joints
  • helps to cure chronic bronchitis and inflammation of the airways
  • cleanses the skin
  • purifies the air
  • reduces skin pigmentation
  • speeds up the wound healing process


A Leaf Whisk is best enjoyed during a private sauna session with friends or family, so you can really experiment and explore whisking techniques. However, if you are ordering a leaf whisk to use during a shared sauna session, please be mindful of other sauna users and chat to them about what you’re doing – sauna traditionally brings people together after all and whisking is certainly a conversation starter.

As always, observe sauna etiquette of ensuring that everyone is happy and content with what happens during their sauna session.