Loonah Sauna

Loonah Sauna

From: £12.50

Our Sauna no. 3. For express 45 min saunas on those busy, weekday mornings, or full 90 minute sessions on selected evenings and weekends.

This sauna has no changing facility so we offer it at a cheaper rate.  Ideal for sea swimmers or people who can just throw on their robe to go home in.  We can store your bag in the dry if it’s raining.

Lined in Aspen that smells of caramel and with a beautiful beehive shaped volcanic stone-filled Estonian Huum stove. The heat here is gentle but intense and the steam is soft and wonderfully humid. The cosy felt ceiling makes you feel snug as you view the shore from the little window.

Express 45 min | Available Mon-Fri (closed Tues)
8.15am, 9.15am, 10.15am, 11,15am and 12.15pm
£12.50 per person | 6 spaces available in a shared sauna, or book all 6 tickets for a private session. – BOOK NOW


Full sessions available on selected evenings and weekends : 90 minutes sauna time, 2 hours on site – See calendar below for any available slots

Per person – £20 off-peak | £25 peak

Individual tickets: We offer single tickets for our Saunas, with 6 available per timeslot. This is a great option for individuals and smaller groups who are happy to share the space.
Private Hire: To hire the Loonah Sauna privately, book all 6 tickets. If 6 tickets aren’t available in your desired slot, it means that other people are already booked in. Look for a slot with 6 tickets available.

Add an Extreme Wellness Ice Bath to your Sauna booking.





90 minutes

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