This horsebox sauna is lined in Aspen that smells of caramel and has a beautiful beehive shaped volcanic stone-filled Estonian Huum stove. The heat here is gentle but intense and the Leil (‘sauna steam’ in Estonian) is soft and wonderfully humid. The cosy felt ceiling makes you feel snug as a bug.

For a cold plunge between heat-ups we have a plunge pool for all to share. Ice baths must be booked 48hrs in advance and are subject to availability.

Capacity 6 people

Sessions: 90 minutes sauna time in our Leil saun, 2 hours on site. 

Ticket prices per person…

£20 off-peak | Mon & Wed all day/night, Thurs & Fri until 4.45pm

£30 peak | Thurs & Fri after 4.45pm, all weekend & Bank Holidays

Private Hire: To hire the Leil Saun privately, book all 6 tickets. If 6 tickets aren’t available in your desired slot, it means that other people are already booked in. Look for a slot with 6 tickets available.