Events & courses

Join us on one of our wonderful wellness events or courses.
Step into the warmth of our wood-fired saunas,
cooling off in our plunge pool, chilled steel tub
and the original slipper bath
– or head down to the sea if the conditions are right.

Sauna Community Sessions | 4 week block
Wednesday 17th & 24th April, 1st & 8th May | 8.30-10.30am

Join our wonderfully successful community sessions, a positive and enriching way to connect and experience the benefits of regular Sauna.

“You are what you repeatedly do”. Making something you love or need into a regular ritual is so much more beneficial to mind, body and soul than doing it as a one off. Make sauna your weekly commitment by coming to our community sessions. Sauna with the same people each week, get to know new, like-minded folk, care for yourself and learn how to get the most from a session from your sauna master, Liz Watson who will be guiding these sessions. Liz has trained extensively in Lithuanian Pirtis, Leaf Whisking and European Aufguss traditions.


MONDAY 22ND April | 6.30-9.30PM

Breathe deeply and relax, enjoy the beautiful surroundings, listen to the sound of steam on rocks and the waves on the shore, feel the comforting heat, refresh in the air or sea and dance around the fire in the moonlight. Pure Beach Box magic! Our sauna socials leave you feeling thoroughly nourished and refreshed.

Join us as we gather on the beach to celebrate the evening of the full moon.

Our trained sauna masters will guide you through a range of rituals, with treats to stimulate all the senses and intention setting for the month ahead. To close, gather around the firepit, with tasty nibbles & a refreshing drink in the moonlight.

Sauna Sisterhood Sessions | Women Only
Thursday 25th April | 6.30-9pm

There is something truly magical in being among a circle of women. Gain strength from the intimacy of connections made inside our cosy saunas, a rare opportunity to gather and honour yourselves as you truly deserve. The recent award winning film, Smoke Sauna Sisterhood, by Anna Hints – really drove this message home and reminded us of the importance in taking this time to connect with each other, and the incredible role that Sauna plays in regards to bonding, healing and gratitude. Sauna is a great way to relax on a deeper level, a chance to decompress, breathe and let go.

We are delighted to introduce our monthly Sisterhood Sessions here at Beach Box and look forward to seeing how these grow and develop over time. Women will have the whole site to themselves. There will be leaf whisks on hand to have a go with, and Aufguss aromatherapy balls to pop on the rocks.

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