Our saunas

Find us on Brighton beach and in Battle, East Sussex

On our Brighton beach site, we have three saunas, a chilled steel tub, cool plunge pool and a slipper bath, freshwater showers and changing rooms, alongside optional wellbeing extras.

Our new Forest Sauna in Battle is in the heart of beautiful woodland.



 Our largest sauna – Lotta, meaning free spirit. Expertly crafted by local sauna builders, Wildhut. Direct sea views through the large panoramic window offer a feeling of connection with the sea.  We like to think it’s the hottest seat in this city!

This sauna is cedar clad – cedar being famous for it’s aromatic qualities and antibacterial properties. With high and low benches, you can choose your temperature and enjoy the flicker of flames in our internally fed wood burning stove.

Sessions: 90 minutes sauna time, 2 hours on site.
Capacity: 9/12

If you have a larger group, there is ample room for 12 to share privately – please go ahead and book all 9 tickets where available and email us to add on more spaces.

From £25

'Leil Saun'

Leil means steam, breath and spirit all in one in Estonian – another country famous for its sauna culture. This horsebox sauna is lined in Aspen that smells of caramel. The heat here is gentle, but intense and the flickering stove flames are visible from inside the sauna. 

Sessions: 90 minutes sauna time, 2 hours on site.
Capacity: 6

From £25


Our beloved Loonah Sauna returns after a winter break for some tlc.

Lined in Aspen with a beautiful beehive shaped, volcanic stone-filled Estonian Huum stove. The heat here is gentle but intense and the steam is soft and wonderfully humid. The cosy felt ceiling makes you feel snug as you view the shore from the little window.

Sessions: 90 minutes sauna time, 2 hours on site.
Capacity: 6

From £25

New site!

Forest sauna in Battle, East Sussex

Presenting our brand new, Forest sauna in a beautiful off-grid ancient woodland setting.  Enjoy a peaceful 5 seater, wood-fired horsebox sauna with orchard views and spring-fed cold plunge pool and cold slipper bath. 

Sessions: Saturdays and Sundays, 90 minutes sauna time and time to relax in the grounds.
Capacity: 5

From £30

A sanctuary on Brighton Beach

Your visit to Beach Box is so much more than our saunas. It’s a place to restore balance and take time away from the everyday pressures of life.

On our site you’ll find our chilled steel tub, cool plunge pool & original slipper bath, or cold freshwater showers to reawaken and cool off between sauna visits  – you can even run and jump into the sea for an ultimate invigoration.

Sit around our communal firepit or find a place to lounge for a peaceful moment to end your stay with us.

Optional extras to enhance your experience

Experience the benefits of cold water  therapy and contrast bathing with our cool down options. Choose between
our Chilled Steel Tub,
the Cool Plunge Pool or the
original Slipper Bath.

All options are available for you during your sauna session, at no extra charge.


Enhance your Sauna experience with our homemade, natural spa treatments. 

Our menu includes body platters, salt scrubs, clay masks and more.

Sauna master

Enjoy a guided session, with mini Aufguss rituals and leaf whisking.

Available to book for private sauna bookings only. 

Come prepared

We like to make sure you have everything you need on the day so that you have the best experience when you visit Beach Box Sauna Spa. Read our section on what you need to prepare.

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