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Join Gemma every Thursday and Saturday at 8:30am for her strength and sauna fitness classes at Beach Box. She brings a huge amount of energy to each and every one of her classes. Gemma’s approach to training is fun! Not to be taken too seriously, but seriously enough to increase fitness, strength and see great results! 

 From these classes, you can expect to elevate that heart rate, push yourself to your limits and really challenge your body in different ways. Every class will be unique, with a different focus each week. These classes are for absolutely everyone, whatever your fitness levels!

Gemma is offering 1 free class to Beach Box customers so what are you waiting for!? Just enter the code ‘GKLSWEAT’ on the website link below.

Brighton Water Shoes

Brighton Water Shoes are the ideal companion for saunas and pebble sea dipping and we have an exclusive offer for our customers: simply enter “Beachbox10” on their website to enjoy 10% off and free shipping – and bring them down for your session.

They come in bright colours inspired by Brighton Beach and feature a durable rubber sole that will protect your feet from pebbles. These shoes can be easily slipped on and off, making your transition from sauna to sea a seamless one.


If you’ve not tried this coffee already, then we can highly recommend it, being subscribers ourselves. This ‘Ridiculously Healthy Coffee’ does exactly as it says on the bag – a vitamin rich, performance boosting, anti-aging marvel!

We love everything about this ethical brand – head over to their website to read all about their sustainable processes, the science behind the coffee and founders Kirsty and Al’s inspirational story.


We are beyond excited about our new @wildhutsaunas cedar clad sauna. It has been such a pleasure to work with WildHut to create a sauna that will withstand the daily demands of a commercial sauna whilst maintaining a luxury homely feel. What a masterpiece they have created! With a triple layer of benches, she is large enough for our Aufguss rituals and group sessions – all with the most spectacular view of the pier and the ocean from her large panoramic window.

Wildhut design and build hand-crafted, fully customisable, luxury outdoor saunas for homes or businesses. Built to last in their West Sussex based workshop by highly skilled members of the Guild of Master Craftsmen, they fuse form and function, setting new standards in comfort, sustainability and luxury. Inspired by traditional Finnish, Nordic and Biophilic design principles – beautiful and planet-kind – for those looking to recharge, health and wellness and to reconnect with nature.

Wildling drinks

Water kefir is kombucha’s wild child twin – a refreshing untamed tonic brimming with live cultures that you can enjoy straight up or use as a mixer. It’s the original fizzy drink as it naturally carbonates during the fermentation process. Remarkably low in natural sugar and free of caffeine, dairy and gluten, it’s a great choice for anyone looking to improve their overall diet and gut biome. Water kefir lovers see it as an incredibly healthy choice – it’s powerfully rich with billions of live cultures that can restore your natural gut biome with every single sip.

Wildling is small batch brewed at The Potion Shed in Sussex.

We are so lucky to have @wildling_drinks providing us with their delicious Kefir Water for some of our Moon Party Events.